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Name: Douglas Ramsey
Codename: Cypher
Height: 5 ft 9 ½ in.
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Birthday: September 13, 1977
Known relatives: Philip Ramsey (father), Sheila Ramsey (mother), Rachel Grey-Ramsey (wife)
Group Affiliation: X-Men

History: Douglas Ramsey was a teenage friend of Kitty Pryde of the X-Men, sharing an interest in computers and video games. Although Ramsey became a friend of the New Mutants, he was unaware that he and they were mutants. However, when the techno-organic alien (Technarch) being Warlock arrived on Earth, confused and terrified, he found himself battling the New Mutants. Seeking to communicate with the alien, the New Mutants summoned Ramsey and revealed their costumed identities to him. Ramsey succeeded in initiating communications with Warlock, and both joined the New Mutants. Ramsey was code-named Cypher, after his ability to decipher languages.

Cypher became close with Warlock, who aided Ramsey in battle situations by merging with him, creating a single being that operated as a gestalt. When they merged, they took the form of Ramsey’s human body covered with Warlock's "living circuitry," allowing Ramsey to perceive his environment in the same way Warlock did. At first, Ramsey's and Warlock's consciousnesses remained separate within the single body; the more the pair merged, their personalities rapidly began to resemble one another's. Cypher also aided Warlock in his fight against his father, the Magus, by reprogramming the Magus to an infant state.

Following the capture of the New Mutants by the mad scientist the Ani-Mator, on the island known as "Paradise" in the Atlantic Ocean, Cypher was nearly killed when he dove in front of a bullet fired by the Ani-Mator at Wolfsbane. He was in a coma for several months, brought out of it only thanks to an infusion of Lifeglow from Warlock. Afterwards, Magneto refused to allow him back on the field team and dismissed him from the school, sparing him from the tragedies that came later.

When the X-Men appeared to be dead, Doug and Kitty dated briefly, but his powers enabled him to see from the beginning that he was simply the rebound guy and nothing more. They broke amiably and remained friends.

Doug would go on to attend college, earning degrees in linguistics and computer science. He worked for a time as a UN translator, and eventually returned to Xaiver’s as the new computer science teacher. He’s participated in only a handful of field missions, preferring to man the home front. Doug also began dating Rachel Summers and recently married her.

Powers: Doug possesses the ability to speak and understand any language, written or spoken, though the exact method by which he is able to do this has never been determined. The process is now always instantaneous and sometimes requires listening to a language for a short period in order to get a grasp on its syntax and word usage. He is also able to speak and understand computer languages as well as body language, making him a skilled fighter by being able to read people’s intentions and actions.

Doug is a skilled computer programmer and is skilled in judo and akido.


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Doug Ramsey

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